Cancellation of “re-scheduled” April General Meeting

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Cancellation of “re-scheduled” April General Meeting

Good evening all, we have made the decision to cancel the re-scheduled April General Meeting. It is not something we want to get into the habit of doing, but to give some context to it, the decisions to delay and now cancel the meeting were based on the following.


The delaying of the original meeting was based primarily on the meeting being held on ANZAC Day eve and the attendance of a number of club members at ANZAC Day dawn and main services early the following morning, proximity to the log weekend and school holidays, but also due to a number of the committee being heavily involved in dealing with estate items of VK1CPK.


As committee members remain quite busy dealing with VK1CPK’s equipment, not to mention repeater maintenance/planning plus insurance and Ginini site lease negotiations (to mention a few issues), with tight time constraints against a number of those issues and no firm meeting plans, we have decided to cancel the meeting.


Previously we had intended to bring the gear to the club rooms to allow members to pick through it, but the sheer volume of the bequest precludes this. We are working things through, but it is likely that we will end up fully cataloguing it and putting it online and then providing an opportunity for club members to view / pick through items at the temporary storage location before the rest are advertised for other amateurs.





For the CRARC committee.