Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

As of the 7th May 2022, the Isaacs ridge DMR repeater is back online at a reduced power output of 5 watts.

CRARC has a DMR repeater on Isaacs ridge. DMR, or Digital Mobile Radio, is a commercial international open standard digital radio platform. CRARC’s repeater is a Motorola DR3000 and is linked to the Australian DMR+ network.


Before transmitting, you need to register for a global DMR ID. This is a unique, global identifier which identifies your transmitter. You only need one ID unless you plan to transmit from multiple radios at the same time. The same ID can also be used on any of the DMR networks. Registration for an ID is free and easy. Information can be found at the RadioID website.

Repeater Information

Basic information

  • Portable receive: 438.8125 (required)
  • Portable transmit: 431.8125 (required) (-7 MHz offset)
  • Colour code 1 (required for repeater access)

Static and Local Talkgroups

  • Local Repeater usage
    • Talkgroup (TG) : 9 (For local repeater use)
    • Slot 1
  • Static Talkgroups
    • 505 (slot 2) – Australia Call
    • 5 (slot 1) – Australian Nets
    • 3801 (slot 2) – ACT DMR Repeaters
    • 3802 (slot 2) – NSW DMR Repeaters
    • 3809, 3810 (slot 1) – Australia Chat
    • 8 (slot 1) – Southern VK2 and VK1, Highrange, Goulburn, Yass, Bombala and Canberra

The repeater is dual mode, so that if you come up with narrowband FM 2.5KHz deviation with 91.5Hz tone, the repeater will function in analogue mode. Note there are hold-time delays between modes.

More information on available talkgroups and DMR itself can be found on the VKDMR Website.