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Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

To assist those that are interested in entering the hobby of Amateur radio, Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club (CRARC) run a regular training course for the foundation grade licence.

In addition, in conjunction with Australian Maritime College (AMC) volunteer amateur radio assessors.  CRARC facilitate the running of licence assessments after the completion of the foundation training course.

At this time CRARC do not have the resources to run courses for the Standard and Advanced licences. However, if you contact the CRARC Education Officer via the form below we may be able to assist with advice and the arrangement of the assessments you require.

The foundation course is run by CRARC volunteers 5 times a year, March, May, July, September, and November. For dates see our event page.

The object of the course is to give candidates the knowledge and skills to assemble an amateur radio station, operate in accordance with the licence and conditions & determinations (LCDs) (The regulations) correctly with out causing interference to other services.

The course and assessments are run over a weekend. The Saturday is the training elements and on the Sunday some revision followed by the theory and practical assessments.

No prior amateur radio knowledge or experience is required to participate in the course.

We use the Wireless Institute of Australia publication “Your Entry Into Amateur Radio” as the textbook for the course. It contains the basic knowledge you need to know for the foundation assessments.

Foundation Course Textbook

Your entry into Amateur Radio textbook will be available on the day of the course following payment of $30 (FEB 2021) (cash only correct money)

If you require the textbook “your entry into amateur radio” prior to the course, please contact the CRARC Education Officer via the form below to advise if you would like it posted to where or arrange a time and place for collection.

Payment for the manual, $30.00 (plus a $1.00 PayPal processing fee), can be made via PayPal by clicking on one of the following buttons:

Payment can also be made via EFT to
BSB 082-980     A/C 515032212
As a payment reference please use Foundation Text or FT

Foundation Licence Course Registration

The cost of the course is $40.00. (Feb 2021).

To register and pay for the course, go to

When the page opens there is further information on the Foundation Licence course and a green box (Registration) on the right that you click on to pay for the course.


At the conclusion of the Foundation Licence Course CRARC facilitate the licence assessments carried out by AMC certified Amateur Radio assessors.

The Foundation licence assessment consists of a combined theory and regulations element, plus, a practical assessment.
The theory assessment is for 1/2 an hour and the practical up to ¾ of an hour.
The pass mark for the theory is 70% and the practical 100%.

The fees (Oct 2020) for the assessments are as follows,
Combined Theory/Regulations                                                            $90.00
Level 1 Recommendation for Next available callsign                        $25.00
Level 2 Recommendation for a selected call sign (2-3 Letter)           $35.00
VK1, 5, 6, 7 ,8, 9 and 0.
Level 3 recommendation for a selected callsign (2 letter)                 $60.00
VK2, 3 and 4 

NOTE AMC fees are paid on the day of the assessment by cheque, credit card or EFT.NO CASH IS ACCEPTED


If you successfully complete your assessment AMC forward your ACMA licence application and callsign recommendation form to ACMA.

ACMA will then send you an invoice for the licence fee, this fee can be paid online.
The current Initial licence fee (October 2020) is $80.00.


Get Your Licence!

If you require further information or have questions about the Amateur radio service
Feel free to contact the CRARC Education Officer via the form below.

There are three grades of amateur radio licence.
Foundation, Standard and Advanced.
At the present time CRARC only provide training for the Foundation licence.
In conjunction with AMC, we can provide assessment for all grades of licence.
Further information about amateur radio can be obtained if you visit

Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA)  or

The Australian Maritime College (AMC)

The Wireless Institute of Australia

Contact the Education Officer