Month: June 2022

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Isaacs Ridge DMR Repeater Operational

The DMR Repeater on Isaacs Ridge is back up and fully operational. The original and failing DR3000 repeater has been replaced with a Tait TB8100 repeater and MMDVM modem. After the installation…
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CRARC DMR Repeater update

Evening all, the replacement DMR repeater (Tait TB8100 and MMDVM) was installed today at Isaacs Ridge by Carl VK1KCM and myself. However despite working fine on the test bench, it…
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CRARC June Monthly Meeting – Online – JS8Call Presentation and on-air night

CRARC will be holding an online club meeting this month.  The presentation will be on “An overview and practical usage of JS8Call”.  It will be a little different in that…
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VK1RBM DMR repeater output has failed again.

The DMR repeater on Isaacs Ridge appears to have suffered another PA failure of some sort and now doesn’t appear to be putting out the 5 watts that it was…
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