Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Status Update 10th December, 2023.

The receiver on the repeater appears to have failed in the storm on the 9th. It’s still transmitting, but its not hearing anything.

We currently have no estimated time for a fix.

Output FrequencyCallsignLocationCurrent StatusNotes
146.6625VK1RWN CIsaacs RidgeVK1RWN DashboardGateway currently ON LINE

Radio Configuration

Frequency: 146.66250 Mhz
Offset: -600 KHz
URCALL: CQCQCQ (or as required)

VK1RWN automatically connects to reflector XLX301C after 30 minutes of no activity on RF. XLX301C is run by Rob, VK2HR and supports D-Star, DMR and Peanut connectivity.

DTMF Linking

VK1RWN supports issuing link/info/unlink commands via DTMF. To use it, set your radio as above and use the following DTMF Codes.

  • Unlink – “#”
  • Info – “00”
  • Link to an XLX reflector – “Annnm”, for example, for XLX301C use “A301C”.
  • link to a DCS reflextor – “Dnnnm”, for example, for DCS001C use “D001C”.
  • Link to a D-Plus reflector – “*nnnm”, for example, for REF001A use “*001A”.
  • Link to a DExtra reflextor – “nnnm”, for example, for XRF001A use “001A”.
  • In the commands above, “nnn” is the node number and “m” is the module. Only modules A to D are supported.

D-Star Resources

Useful Links:

The XLX301 reflector courtesy of Rob, VK2HR.

Registration is no longer required for most D-Star repeaters and XLX reflectors however if you need to register to get onto some older systems then you can do so at the  D-Star Gateway website.

Local Nets

There are two nets run locally each week utilising the VK1RWN D-Star repeater.

Sunday night, 8:30pm local time (AEST/AEDT) – Run by Alan, VK1AO/VK2MET. VK1RWN is connected to XLX301 module C allowing international participation and access via DMR and Peanut. This net is a general discussion on ham radio topics. Alan manages the net using NetLogger and that can be monitored via a browser at www.k3clr.com.

Tuesday night, 8:30pm local time (AEST/AEDT) – Run by Rob, VK2HR. This net connects VK1RWN to a number of reflectors around the world in sequence as a “virtual tour”. This net can also be accessed via DMR and Peanut on most reflectors.

D-Star Mailing List

There is a D-Star in VK1 mailing list where announcements of upcoming nets and discussions are posted. The address is vk1-dstar@groups.io. You can subscribe via this form.