Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Output FrequencyCallsignLocationCurrent StatusNotes
146.6625VK1RWN CIsaacs RidgeVK1RWN DashboardGateway currently ON LINE

D-Star Resources

Useful Links:

The XLX301 reflector courtesy of Rob, VK2HR.

Registration is no longer required for most D-Star repeaters and XLX reflectors however if you need to register to get onto some older systems then you can do so at the  D-Star Gateway website.

Local Nets

There are two nets run locally each week utilising the VK1RWN D-Star repeater.

Sunday night, 8:30pm local time (AEST/AEDT) – Run by Alan, VK1AO/VK2MET. VK1RWN is connected to the US Quadnet array allowing international participation and access via DMR and Peanut. This net is a general discussion on ham radio topics. Alan manages the net using NetLogger and that can be monitored via a browser at www.k3clr.com.

Tuesday night, 8:30pm local time (AEST/AEDT) – Run by Rob, VK2HR. This net connects VK1RWN to a number of reflectors around the world in sequence as a “virtual tour”. This net can also be accessed via DMR and Peanut on most reflectors.

D-Star Mailing List

There is a D-Star in VK1 mailing list where announcements of upcoming nets and discussions are posted. The address is vk1-dstar@groups.io. You can subscribe via this form.