Month: March 2021

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Update on ACMA Consultation with VK1DSH & VK1GH

Gil and Dale provide an update the ACMA regulation consultation process. Filmed 24 March 2021

DMR – An overview

Carl VK1KCM and Wade VK1MIC opened our 2021 club social meeting calendar with an overview presentation on DMR and the VK DMR network. Topics covered the technical specification of the…
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Operators still required for Nat Cap rally

POSTPONED – SEE EMAIL FROM ACT WICEN The National Capital Rally for 2021 is scheduled for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of March, with Saturday stages being held in the…
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Club membership reaches ATNO!

Membership secretary Graham VK1GVC noted at this week’s committee meeting, the club’s membership numbers have reached new heights! 151 financial members. By way of some trivia, the oldest member was…
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