Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

The Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club (Formerly the Wireless Institute of Australia ACT Division) delivers many services to amateurs both members and non-members.

CRARC Amateur Radio News

The local news bulletin is NO LONGER on air, but rather an “Email Newsletter” is distributed to those people who wish to receive it. Please visit website or use the following form to subscribe to the list. 

There is a broadcast of WIA NEWS on Sundays from VK1WIA 9.00 AM LOCAL on 146.950 MHz, 438.050 MHz and from there to the Linked Repeater system to Goulburn. Callbacks are welcome on all frequencies after these transmissions.

Club Meetings

The club has a monthly ‘social’ meeting which is held at 8:00 PM on the Fourth Wednesday of each month (except December) at our premises at Mt Mugga Scout Hall, 17 Astrolabe St, Red Hill. Meetings normally include some form of lecture or presentation. Visitors are always welcome. Come and meet fellow amateurs.


CRARC operates a number of analog and digital repeaters for general use as well as to support WICEN events. For more information see the pages listed in the services menu above.


As well as the general services above, the CRARC supports amateurs in their hobby. We are upgrading the services and assistance to WIA and CRARC members. The aim is to provide better value for your membership fees.

Foundation Licence, Standard , Advanced, New Modes, etc

Just got a licence, or need help in a new endeavour? Want advice on setting up your station, antenna, equipment or operating or whatever? Everybody has been there; most of us still need help. The CRARC will try to find a local amateur with the experience and expertise you can draw on to help you. Contact the group by email to: committee “at” 

VK1 Technical & Packet Group 

Join the group that helps construct and maintain Canberra’s VHF and UHF repeaters. Apart from working bees at repeater sites, there are add-hoc meetings held at various locations to undertake technical works. These hands-on sessions are ideal for amateurs wanting to learn more about the practical side of amateur radio. Email to committee “at” for more information.

Shack Open Nights

We hold Tech nights on the First and Third Wednesday of each month at around 7.30PM at the Mt Mugga Scout Hall 17 Astrolabe St, Red Hill.

If you have questions relating to Amateur Radio or if you have that special project that you would like some technical help or advice for, come along as we have experienced Amateurs who can help you. 

If you are bit scarce in your shack to have a working station, we are working towards having a working Club station for the use of members on these nights.

See our “Events” page for dates and details

Education and Examination services

The Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club provides supports an education service, click here to go to our Education page.


Want to work more DX! Want to know what Dxpeditions are coming up; which bands are hot when; how to use the CRARC free QSL Inwards and Outwards Bureau service for members. 


Interested in the world of 50 MHz and above. Tropospheric ducting, aircraft enhancement, moonbounce and other exotica. If you are interested in this aspect of the hobby then send an email to committee “at” and we’ll put you in contact with the appropriate people.


Many of us have to deal with interference problems that we suffer or we cause to neighbours and ourselves. The CRARC can help amateurs work through these problems, both through technical advice and through helping consult with those affected by or causing the interference. Please contact the committee using the club email address committee “at”


Foxhunting, Contesting, comm’s for rallies, WICEN, test equipment, antenna construction and testing, homebrewing, moonbounce, satellite operation, logging programs, the internet and amateur radio, etc. Most facets of the hobby have their enthusiasts in the Canberra area.

The CRARC can help you achieve your interests and aims in the hobby.

Contact the President, and start using the services provided by the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club.