CRARC Committee January update email #Committee_update

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

CRARC Committee January update email #Committee_update

The CRARC committee meets on-line on the second Wednesday of the month, to discuss the running of CRARC. This email is an outline of items covered and other topics potentially of interest to CRARC members and is promulgated to keep members aware of what is going on.

The club meeting beat me to getting these out, so no reminder of the January meeting! I will however briefly mention that the next CRARC monthly meeting is the AGM on Wednesday 28 Feb 2024 at the club rooms. Doors opening at 7:30 for an 8pm kickoff. Please note that the club calendar has been updated with all known events for this year (excluding education which we are clarifying a couple of things before publishing these events).

Club membership is running well, with 194 financial members. A glitch in the previous membership management system saw a number of expiry emails being incorrectly sent out – we have been assured that this has been fixed and there will be no repeat. As always, if you have any membership queries, contact Graham on

CRARC maintains a number of Beacons and Repeaters.




Isaacs 2m Analogue


Long term U/S due QRM from adjacent site

Isaacs 2m D-star


Ongoing packet loss issues due link issues

Isaacs 2m beacon



Isaacs 70cm Analogue


Includes IRLP and Echolink

Isaacs 70cm DMR



Bulls Head 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m Analogue



Ginini 2m APRS



Ginini 70cm Analogue



Ginini 23cm Beacon


Varying signal levels may be experienced due antenna having slipped to a 45degree angle.


The DMR repeater was exhibiting unusual behaviours in late December however despite a number of strong electrical storms in the area, they seem to be back to their reliable old selves after the maintenance visit by Phil VK1PL and Carl VK1KCM on New Years Day. If you notice any issues with repeater performance, please advise the committee by email.

On the education front, Amanda VK1WX advises that due to AMC/ACMA changeover of assessment responsibilities in February, the next course is planned for the weekend of 16/17 March 2024. Out of session examinations can still be conducted by arrangement with Amanda and the other members of the education team.

For WICEN, the next event requiring significant assistance from members is the National Capital Rally (aka the Rally of Canberra) which is to be held 5-7 April 2024. Further correspondence and a call for volunteers will be sent out to the WICEN members list in due course.

Upgrades and work continues on the shack at the clubrooms in slow time. We anticipate the shack will continue to evolve as upgrades and changes are made. A reminder that the shack is open for use by members when the club rooms are open for normal meetings.

At the AGM, several motions will be put forward to the members to be voted on (including an amended club objectives which will be promulgated shortly) as well as a call for nominations for the committee positions.

Matt VK1MA

For the CRARC Committee