Notable VK1 Radio Bloggers

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Notable VK1 Radio Bloggers

Notable VK1 Radio Bloggers

ACT is blessed with one of the most active portable and field antenna building commnuties in Australia, here is listing of some of the local’s blogs – please check them out


Notable VK1 Radio Bloggers

On top of being the World Wide Flora and Fawna (WWFF) VK1 region coordinator, Ian is also a very active portable and parks activator


Andrew is a prolific SOTA activator, having mapped tracks to most of the VK1 and surrounds summits. Additionally, he is active on 23 and 13cms, and an antenna building machine!


Andrew has been a long time portable activator, from VHF UHF field days, to SOTA to Parks. He also maintains the VK SOTA FAQ site


Yours truly, writes about many things radio, from SOTA to Winlink to Raspberry Pis!