Club members taking SHF out bush!

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club

Club members taking SHF out bush!

Club member Andrew VK1AD continues his bush explorations in search of SOTA Summit activations on the higher bands into the SHF world.

The following is reproduced with his permissions. NB Andrew runs 2 blogs (even one is a struggle for yours truly!) So above is linked his main blog, but for specific SHF SOTA / Portable he maintains this page:

Sunday 24 May 2020.  Andrew VK1DA and I have chosen two summits for the day,  first Mount Wee Jasper VK2/ST-017 1121m ASL grid square QF44HU followed by Snow Gum Mountain VK2/SW-028 1179m ASL, grid square QF44IR.

Snow Gum Mountain

Snow Gum Mountain is 11.5 km line of sight from Wee Jasper, however the route between summits is convoluted through pine forests. Travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

Until recent times Snow Gum Mountain hosted a VHF VOR/DME air navigation facility. The VHF DME was decommissioned, all communications infrastructure have been removed from the site. The site is now a drive-up summit, there are no signs, gates, barriers, buildings or fences. The mountain peak has been returned to nature 🙂

The view of the horizon is an uninterrupted 360!

Club members taking SHF out bush!
Former VHF aircraft navigation VOR/DME array site – all that remains are two circular concrete slabs. This elevated site is perfect for a VHF-UHF field day.
Club members taking SHF out bush!
VK1AD SOTA shack at Snow Gum Mountain 1179m ASL
Club members taking SHF out bush!
23cm SOTA gear – working stations in Canberra on 1296.150 MHz SSB
Club members taking SHF out bush!
View east – 14 km our granite monolith Mt Coree VK1/AC-023 1421m ASL
Club members taking SHF out bush!
23cm RF path over Mt Coree to Canberra VK1. Mt Coree is 242m higher than this summit Snow Gum Mountain. Distance as the crow flies is 14 km.

Extract of VK1AD SOTA Activator Log: Snow Gum Mountain VK2/SW-028 Sunday 24 May 2020

02:19VK1MA144MHzSSBQF44MT Matt s58 r55
02:23VK1RX144MHzSSBQF44NN Al s59 r59
02:30VK1MA1240MHzSSBQF44MT Matt s54 r51 37 km
02:33VK1RX1240MHzSSBQF44NN Al s59 r59 49 km
02:39VK8GMT/11240MHzSSBQF44MT Matt s55 r51 37 km
02:40VK2UK/11240MHzSSBQF44MT Matt s55 r51 37 km
03:17VK1MIC144MHzSSBQF44NT Wade s55 r51