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For any Club Merchandise, bring your money with you to the next Club Meeting (usually every Wednesday evening at 7.30pm) at Mt Mugga Scout Hall, Astrolabe Street Red Hill. (see our Events pages for accurate dates) See Bob Howie, VK1MRH at the meeting and be a part of history.

Don’t miss out, when they are gone, they are all gone.

Anderson PowerPole for 12V DC (Members Only)


WICEN ACT and CRARC have decided to adopted the Anderson PowerPole as its standard 12V DC Power Connector for all operations and installations. The connectors are rated at 30A. They are small, easy to terminate (either by crimping or soldering), and inexpensive. 15A and 45A versions are also available, which mate with the 30A connector while accommodating smaller or larger wire gauges respectively. Note that the 45A contacts are considerably more expensive (as is the required crimping tool) than the 15A and 30A ones.

All members are strongly encouraged to utilise these connectors for all equipment taken into the field. The more people that use them, the easier things will be in the field when members need to work with foreign equipment and connect things up rapidly. (They also make great 12V connectors around the shack !) WICEN ACT / CRARC will be stocking limited supplies of the 30 AMP connectors for members to purchase.

The 30A connectors are recommended for most uses, including power connectors on radios, and accessories such as TNCs, computers, small inverters and the like, as well as on power sources such as batteries and power supplies. These are expected to be the most commonly-used in WICEN applications, although some operators may choose to utilise the 15A variant for ease of termination in lower-current applications.

Standard Configuration of Anderson PowerPole

Points to watch

  • These connectors are recommended for 12V (nominal) use only. Members requiring high-current connectors for other voltages (such as 24V or 48V systems) are urged to source physically incompatible connectors such as the Anderson SB range, to avoid any chance of connecting wrong-voltage devices together.
  • The same polarity be used across the organisation (as illustrated on this page). This may seem obvious, but we don't want to repeat the mistakes of the past.
  • Make sure that any power supplies are adequately protected. The Anderson system allows two or more power sources to be connected in parallel (intentionally or otherwise), so make sure your devices can handle this without damage. Batteries must be fused (or have other protection) as close as possible to the positive terminal
  • If you use 75A connectors, make sure you carry adaptors to allow 30A loads to be connected to the larger connectors
  • Don't dove-tail multiple connectors together in such a way that it is possible to inadvertently connect a load to two halves of different connector pairs with reverse polarity
  • Make sure you terminate wires in the connectors properly. If crimping, be sure all strands are held tightly along the full length of the pin's barrel, and use reducing bushings if necessary on smaller gauge wires. If soldering, keep soldering time to a minimum and make sure no solder flows onto the contact area.

Thanks go to WICEN NSW for arranging the supply of these connectors and for providing the information contained above.


12 volt 30 Amp Anderson Powerpole One set = 1 x red and 1 x black outer coloured shells, 2 x Crimp/solder connecters, and 1 locking pin.

  • TEN sets $20.00 a bag
  • FIVE sets $10.00 a bag
  • TWO sets $4.00 a bag

Available at the General Meetings or email Committee/at/ -attention Nutters, VK1NUT with requirements if you are unable to make the meeting but wish to take advantage of this limited offer.

The CRARC Membership Certificate

The certificate displays one of Canberra's most distinctive landmarks, the Telstra Tower, situated on Black Mountain in the heart of Australia's capital city. The tower is depicted in light blue on a white background with award information in black lettering.

Don’t forget, a CRARC Membership Certificate is only $5.00. They look terrific! -A great addition to your shack wall!

The Club Badge

Display your Club Membership proudly with a pinned badge made to order.

The Club name/callsign badge are made to individual order @ $9.50(current price). Turn around time is meeting to next meeting or by special arrangement.

The Club Embroider Patch

Would you like an embroidered patch for your hat or coat to proudly show off your club? We have had a limited quantity made, so when they run out there will be no more. This little baby measures 95mm long by 30mm wide at the logo. It comes ready to iron on with its own adhesive backing and/or you can sew it on if you prefer.

With quality stitching and workmanship this little gem is a real thing of beauty,-an opportunity too good to miss.

For only Five dollars –you heard me right, only five dollars and this patch could be yours. No steak knives with this offer, maybe with the next offer!

The Club Caps

Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club presents the “CRARC Cap”. We will order on request (one size fits all) 2 variations on a theme. (100% brushed cotton twill. 6-panel. Unstructured. Our hats are one size fits all and come with an adjustable strap.)

No, not like this!

Something more like this!!

1. A silk screened cap with the Club logo and/or your call sign (either or both) on the front in a variety of colours:
*White or light Khaki for $35.00 each
*Dark Khaki, Black or Navy $40.00 each


2. An embroidered cap with your choice of call sign and /or name on the front
*White or light Khaki for $30.00 each
*Dark Khaki, Black or Navy $35.00 each