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DMR Information

This page contains information on the new DMR system being embraced by CRARC. Here you will find all of the resources you need to get involved.


We strongly encourage everyone to register for a global DMR-MARC ID. This is a unique, global identifier which can be used on the DMR network as soon as our local DMR repeater is connected to the internet. Registration for an ID is free and easy. Information can be found here

DMR Newsletters

Here are most recently VK/NZ DMR newsletters to give you some valuable background information on DMR.

Repeater Information

Glen VK1XX has advised that a DMR repeater has been set up in central Canberra. The Morse ident callsign is VK1ACA. Currently it is running on a temporary antenna, its coverage may be limited. Most stations in Canberra should access it with an external antenna and maybe 50% with the radio's whip antenna.

User information:

  • Portable receive: 438.8125 (required)
  • Portable transmit: 431.8125 (required)
  • Colour code 1 (required for repeater access)
  • Talkgroup (TG) : 9 (For local repeater use)
  • Slot 1

The repeater is dual mode, so that if you come up with narrowband FM 2.5KHz deviation with 91.5Hz tone, the repeater will function in analogue mode. Note there are hold-time delays between modes.

More information on available talkgroups and DMR itself can be found on the VKDMR Website.

Bulk Buy

The committee will periodically organise a bulk-buy of DMR capable hand-helds when there is sufficient demand. To express your interest, please email the committee to have your name put on the list.

Radio Hardware

Currently, the club has standardised our internal operations on the AnyTone AT-D858 portable 400-480MHz radio. At the bottom of this page are the files relevant to programming and configuring this unit.
Information on the current hardware can be found here (Please note, this is not an endorsement of where to buy a radio, It is for informational purposes only). -

Repeater Services

A DMR repeater has been procured by the club and is currently in service on Isaac's Ridge. Configuration details are below.

File Downloads

The Programming software, configuration files and a presentation created for the AnyTone AT-D858 Hand-Held radios are below.
If you are just starting out, we recommend just downloading the first file, which contains everything all bundled together. Otherwise, simply select the files you require.

IMPORTANT Please read the configuration notes before applying this configuration to your radio. AT-D858-Codeplug-Notes.pdf